Concert Classical Guitars

My primary focus as a builder is my personal take on the modern "millenium" style guitar made famous by Thomas Humphrey. These guitars have an elevated fingerboard, and an optional soundport in either the Ruck or Connor style. My bracing pattern is derived from studying guitars made by renowned luthier Matthias Dammann. My guitars are essentially a single top version of his double top design with a few structural tweaks to bolster the longevity of my instruments. This model is available in both 650mm and 640mm scale length, with a variety of wood choices. 


Custom Instruments

I also build custom instruments to your specifications. As of now I have built, or have orders to build, anything from a steel string parlor guitar, an 8 and 9 string classical, and a short scale 530mm mini guitar. Whatever your needs are as a player, I am more than happy to make a reality.

Instrument Repair

I am also available for a variety of repair work. I feel comfortable with many types of repairs, so feel free to contact me for a free quote for your guitar.


Wood Selection

I am dedicated to using only wood that is sustainably harvested. As such, my inventory of tonewoods is constantly changing depending on availability from ethical sources.

Contact me for a complete list of woods that are available. 


Base Price: $4500.00

I provide substantial discounts to students. Contact me for a student quote.